EECP- Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

Non-Invasive Natural Heart Bypass Treatment. EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai.
The most common cause of death in men and women above 50 is coronary artery disease (CAD) and not cancer. Enhanced external counter pulsation is a natural alternative to bypass surgery and angioplasty.
"In '70s by-pass surgery was the big news in the treatment of coronary artery disease. In the 80’s it was balloon angioplasty. In the 90's it was stent and now in 20th century, we move a step forward to a totally non-invasive treatment with EECP"- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam speaking at 2nd World Congress on Intervention Cardiology.
EECP Clinic Mumbai is located in the heart of Andheri Mumbai with highly trained health care professionals, physicians, cardiologist, internist specializing in preventive and therapeutic cardiology .

Patients with persistent angina symptoms.

Patients with chronic stable angina (Chest Pain).

Patients who have exhausted standard treatments.

Patients waiting for bypass surgery or angioplasty.

Patients not willing to bypass surgery or angioplasty.

Patients whose symptoms return after surgery or bypass.

Patients with inadequate relief from medications.

Patients unqualified for bypass surgery, angioplasty or stent.

Patients who are severely restricted.

EECP is for Adjunctive treatment in heart patients.

EECP is For general well being.

EECP is for Prevention of heart diseases.

For people Living a sedentary lifestyle (not exercising).

With high-risk factor non-communicable diseases (NCD).

People who wish to have improved heart health & fitness.

EECP is now available in Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic.

EECP is an advanced treatment of heart failure.

EECP is approved by the FDA.

EECP is a Natural bypass treatment.

EECP is the Safest Heart treatment.

EECP is a Well-tolerated procedure.

EECP is a Cost-effective treatment.

EECP requires Less Treatment time.

EECP causes a substantial reduction in angina symptoms.

EECP is effective in more than 90% of the patients.

EECP provided sustained improvement in more than 75% of patients’ for at least up to 3 years.

EECP is now available in Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic.

EECP is an Outpatient procedure.

EECP requires No Hospitalization.

EECP is a Non-invasive treatment.

EECP requires No Medications.

EECP needs No Recovery Time.

EECP is painless procedure.

EECP has No side effects in eligible patients.

EECP is "No bypass surgery" Treatment.

EECP is "No angioplasty" Treatment.

EECP is "No stent placement" Treatment.

EECP is a risk-free heart health treatment in eligible patients.

EECP is now available in Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic.

EECP may improves exercise tolerance.

EECP may improve "quality of life".

EECP may improve cardiac output.

EECP may improve cardiac function.

EECP may improve microcirculation of the heart.

EECP may Improve circulation to the brain.

EECP may improve circulation to the kidney.

EECP may improve circulation to muscles.

EECP may improve outcome in patients with heart bypass.

EECP may improve vascular health (endothelial function).

EECP may improve circulation of the body.

EECP may improve flow of oxygen and nutrients to other organs.

EECP is now available at EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai.

EECP may help in Cerebrovascular insufficiency.

EECP may help in Vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

EECP may help in Peripheral vascular diseases.

EECP may help in Chronic fatigue syndrome.

EECP may help in Sports injury recovery.

EECP may help in Senile dementia.

EECP may help in Vascular headaches (like migraine).

EECP may help in Erectile dysfunction.

EECP may help in Diabetic nephropathy and angiopathy.

EECP may help in Chronic kidney disease.

EECP may help in Hypertension.

EECP may help in Obesity and Inflammation.

EECP now available at EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai.

EECP may lead to Less need for anti-anginal medication.

EECP may lead to improved energy levels.

EECP may lead to Improved quality of life.

EECP may lead to Improved endurance.

EECP may lead to Improved strength.

EECP may lead to Improved mood.

EECP may lead to Improved memory.

EECP may lead to improved sexual functions.

EECP may lead to improved feeling of well-being.

EECP may lead to Increased ability to do routine activities.

EECP may lead to ability to return to enjoyable activities.

EECP is now available at EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai.

At EECP MUmbai Clinic First the Patients lie down on a EECP table in a treatment room.

Patient is connected with ECG and blood pressure monitors.

Inflatable cuffs, wrapped around calves thighs and buttocks.

Cuffs are attached to air hoses to inflate and deflate in synchronization with heartbeat & blood pressure.

With inflation patients feel strong "hug" moving upward from calves to buttocks.

Inflation (hugs) increases blood flow to the heart.

Blood in the legs is "milked" upwards toward the heart.

With deflation there is rapid release of pressure.

Deflation improves blood flow to the entire body.

EECP is now available in Andheri, Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic.

Increases blood flow to coronary arteries in diastole.

Encourage small blood vessels to open creating collaterals.

Collaterals act as "natural bypass" around blocked arteries.

Improved coronary perfusion relieves angina symptoms.

Reduce myocardial oxygen demand.

Reduces work of heart muscle improves blood flow in body.

Stimulates nitric oxide growth factors in coronary arteries.

May help reduce endothelial dysfunction.

Act as "passive" exercise improving autonomic nervous system like real exercise.

EECP is now available in Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic

At EECP Clinic Mumbai first the heart patients are given a consultation to evaluate the eligibility.

After screening, the patients are explained the EECP process followed by setting reasonable expectations if they qualify for EECP treatment.

Accepted patients must undergo 35 hours of EECP therapy.

EECP Treatment is administered for about 1-2 hours a day.

EECP treatment at EECP clinic Mumbai is done Five days a week.

EECP Treatment at EECP Clinic Mumbai lasts for 7 weeks.

After the EECP Session patients can go back to home to resume their regular routines.


Severely high-uncontrolled hypertension.

Severe valvular heart disease (mainly AR).

Cardiac arrhythmias (like A-Fib).

A heart rate over 120 beats per minute.

Uncontrolled congestive heart failure.

Recent cardiac catheterization.

Cardiac surgery within 3 months.

Thrombophlebitis involving the legs.

Patient with Deep vein thrombosis, Coagulopathies, Pulmonary hypertension, An enlarged heart, A pacemaker & Congenital heart defects.

Holistic Heart health approach.

Highly trained healthcare professionals.

Well-experienced doctors.

Under cardiologist supervision.

Rigorous pre-selection of patients.

Thorough evaluation before treatment.

Well monitored complete cardiac care.

Very Cost-effective treatment.

Easy access location for patients.

Consistent follow-ups post procedure.

Take care of your heart so that it can take care of you.

To learn more about Enhanced External Counter Pulsation.

EECP - A non-surgical effective solution for heart disease.

Book an appointment today for a complimentary evaluation.

EECP is now available at EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai.

EECP - Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy is not an absolute replacement or an absolute substitute for Medical & Surgical Interventions like PTCA (Coronary Angioplasty) and/or CABG ( Bypass Surgery).
It is important to discuss all options with your Doctor before starting EECP.
EECP is not for everyone and eligibility depends on many factors including but not limited to Health Status , Medical History, Underlying Pathology, Patient’s readiness , Physician’s Clinical Observations & Judgement.
The clinical response or outcome may also vary from person to person.

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At Amaaya® Medical Clinic Andheri, Mumbai, our In-house Doctors provide complete Executive Medical Evaluation, Wellness Assessment, Complete Medical Care, Cardiac Care for Heart problems, Management of Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Typhoid Fever, Gastroenteritis, etc. Our Doctors also provide Preventive Medicine, Adult Immunization / Vaccines.

Our Physician Endocrinologist provides complete Hormone Care for Diabetes Management, Hypothyroid Management, Obesity Management, Menopause (Low ovarian hormones ) in Women Andropause (Low Testicular hormones) in Men, Hypogonadism in Men and Women, Pituitary Hormone Deficiency, Adrenal (Hypoadrenalism) Fatigue Management, Hormones supplementation for Transgenders, SRS, Medical Antiaging, Antiaging Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Age Management, Wellness Medicine, Sexual dysfunction in men & women with couple's therapy as well.

Our Healthcare experts also provide Laser Slim Medical Weight Loss programs for adults and young, non-surgical body sculpture, personalized medical weight loss diet program to shed extra body weight, FDA approved non-invasive no touch, no pain, Zerona lipo laser to reduce unwanted inches from the waist, thighs, and abdomen & freeze fat pockets from target areas with advanced machine.

Our medical specialists provide intravenous vitamin therapies for cancer chemotherapy, osteoporosis, anemia, fatigue, wellness, hydration, nutrition, alcohol hangover, substance withdrawal, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, muscle spasms, muscle soreness, chronic fatigue syndrome, an acute viral illness(flu), etc. Our medical specialists also provide EECP ( Enhanced External Counter Pulsation ) and Chelation therapy. EECP opens up the new collaterals and hence improve the circulation. This treatment has the potential to increase the circulation of the heart itself. With Chelation therapy, the load of overexposure of heavy metals is taken care of. They include Myers cocktail, glutathione, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, vitamin B complex, & L-carnitine. Because of Corona Virus COVID - 19 scenario, the Ministry of Health has approved telemedicine for select cases, especially follow-ups for chronic medical conditions.

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