EECP stands for “Enhanced External Counter Pulsation. It is popularly known as “Natural Bypass Treatment”. It is FDA Approved for Certain Heart Conditions like Chronic Stable Angina, Refractory Angina and Congestive Heart Failure (symptomatic and stable).

EECP is most commonly used as “Adjunctive Treatment” in Heart Patients (mainly IHD; commonly known as “Blockages” and Heart Failure). EECP is entirely a non- invasive procedure. It is an outpatient treatment and does not need hospitalization or Anesthesia.

You will be lying on a special treatment table wrapped in three sets of cuffs (like large blood pressure cuffs) around the calves, lower and upper thighs and buttocks.

EECP works on the principle of creating a “counter-pulse” towards the Heart using “Pulsatile Pneumatic Compressions”. The EECP treatment system includes a compressor that uses air to inflate and deflate the cuffs( first the calf then the thigh and last the buttock cuff).

The pressure moves the blood from the lower limbs toward the heart.

Each pressure wave is timed to patient’s heartbeat so as to reach the heart when it is relaxing and the blood flow to the heart arteries is maximized.

When the heart pumps again all the cuffs deflate at the same time.

This enables the heart to pump into empty vessels, thus significantly reducing its workload and improves the ejection.

No need to take extra medicines with EECP treatment other than what you are taking already. Your ongoing Cardiac medicines will continue (the dose and frequency may decrease after successful protocol).

EECP improves the Cardiac Function by improving the perfusion of the Coronary Vasculature (Blood Supply to the Heart itself). It opens up the new collaterals and hence improves the circulation and perfusion. It improves the micro-circulation of the Heart (including Distal perfusion) and Ejection capacity of the Heart. It may improve the objective and subjective feeling in patients of Congestive Heart Failure.

EECP presumably improves the circulation to other Vital Organs of the body (Brain, Kidney etc.)

Patients with Coronary Artery Disease (Commonly known as “Heart Blockages” in general population and Angina). Patients having Refractory Angina. As a “Bridge Therapy” for the patients who are in the waiting period for their “Coronary Angioplasty (Stenting)” and/or “CABG”(Bypass Surgery). Patients having unresolved symptoms even after undergoing Coronary Angioplasty (Stenting) and/or CABG (Bypass Surgery). As an option to the Heart Patients who are otherwise unfit for CABG (Bypass Surgery).

Effect of EECP is not proven in Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Nephropathy, Senile Dementia, memory enhancement, Vascular Headaches like Migraine ; More trials and studies are needed.

It may presumable help with Erectile Dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, improve Energy Levels; still more trials and studies needed.

In addition, EECP give subjective feeling of wellbeing , may help to improve Quality of Life, Endurance & Mood Indirectly by improving the Heart Health Status.

Rarely , Muscle pain, Bruises may happen due to the Compression of the cuffs.

Headache due to increased blood flow to the Brain. Giddiness due to lowering of Blood Pressure. Fracture is Never Reported But May happen if there is very severe Osteoporosis.

In extremely rare conditions EECP procedure may cause pulmonary embolism or aggravate Heart Failure due to increased blood flow to the failing heart.

EECP is not for everyone. Here are some example who should not get EECP
patient with Uncontrolled Hypertension. (Control the Blood Pressure first to acceptable range). Patient with Severe Valvular Disease . Moderate to severe AR (Aortic Regurgitation) is absolutely “NO” for this procedure. Aortic Aneurysm, Aortic Dissection, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Uncontrolled Congestive Heart Failure of grade 3 & 4 , Septal Defects (ASD, VSD), Pregnant Woman, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Severe Peripheral Arterial Disease, Clotting Disorders & more that are specific to specific cases.

After 1 week if the Coronary angiography was done through Radial Route (Hand).

After 2 weeks if the Coronary angiography was done through groin (Femoral).

6-8 weeks after PTCA (Stenting/Angioplasty)

12 weeks after CABG (Bypass Surgery)

Complete Screening and Investigations are needed before EECP can be started including Complete Medical History , ECG , Pulse Oximetry, 6 minutes’ walk test, Stress Test, 2-D Echocardiography, Color Doppler of both the lower limbs, Ultrasound of Abdomen and Pelvis, Dexa Scan (in fragile patients) Coronary Angiography (if not done previously)

Preferable to do Diabetes Screening and Routine Laboratory Investigations before EECP treatment.

6-8 weeks after PTCA (Stenting/Angioplasty)

It can be given 35 days in succession or as 6 days a week protocol.

Fully monitored throughout treatment for Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse rate , Blood Sugar (as directed by the treating Physician), if needed, ECG.p>

M.D. (Medicine); Physician Consultant and Clinical Cardiologist along with the trained nurse/technician.

Improvement parameters are; Improved 6 minutes walk test, Echocardiographic Changes , ECG Changes, Subjective Feeling of Wellbeing and Symptomatic improvement.

No. The effect of EECP treatment last for Average 2 years to 7 years & EECP can be repeated thereafter.

Improvement parameters are; Improved 6 minutes walk test, Echocardiographic Changes , ECG Changes, Subjective Feeling of Wellbeing and Symptomatic improvement.

INR 3500/- per session for first 30 sessions.
Last 5 sessions (31 to 35) free of cost as the “Compliance Reward”.

Please discuss with your Insurance Company (agent).

For better understanding of the procedure you are welcome to visit the clinic for a consultation from our side with our Physician on board Dr. Asmita D. Chaturvedi; M.D.(Medicine) . In her absence, Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi; M.D.(Medicine) will explain you the whole procedure.
Please take prior appointment by calling +91-9769912219 or +91-22-66977444 for the Consultation to avoid overcrowding and waiting time.

EECP - Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy is not an absolute replacement or an absolute substitute for Medical & Surgical Interventions like PTCA (Coronary Angioplasty) and/or CABG ( Bypass Surgery).
It is important to discuss all options with your Doctor before starting EECP.
EECP is not for everyone and eligibility depends on many factors including but not limited to Health Status, Medical History, Underlying Pathology, Patient’s readiness , Physician’s Clinical Observations & Judgement.
The clinical response or outcome may also vary from person to person.

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